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Board Member 1



Bio: I have worked for the SKSD district since 2007 as an Administrative Assistant for the Secondary Education office. I was recently elected to serve as our President of ASK ESP, after serving 4 years as Secretary. I took office on August 1, 2021. I am grateful and humbled for the honor to help lead our Executive Board and our membership to organize for our mission of continuing to work for: Socioeconomic justice & equity, solidarity and unity, job security, opportunities for professional growth, a safe workplace and a healthy work environment. Please come join us! I believe in the power of union membership; that union membership means being part of a family. We all need to be involved and have a place to work toward our mission. We do so for our students, our community, and ourselves because we know that a happy, healthy workplace is best for students! You can email me at

Board Member 2


Vice President

Bio: I'm the lead custodian at Whiteaker Middle School (but Maria is the boss). I have 17 years in the department and am an advocate for everyone that I can be. I hope to make our department, and thereby the district as a whole, a better place to work. You can email me at

Board Member 3


Racial Equity & Civil Rights Director

Bio: I am currently serving my second term as Racial Equity & Civil Rights Director. I have been with Salem-Keizer Public Schools since August 2012, and I presently work as an Administrative Secretary in Human Resources (Staff Quality). I spent 30 years in the corporate sector before coming to work for SKPS, and my overall experience in the workforce has shown me the many challenges employees face. As a newer member of the Board, I am happy to be helping others by serving those who don’t have a voice and making a difference for those experiencing disparities. The work ASK ESP does is invaluable, and I am honored and humbled to be working alongside people who are dedicated to representing the best interest of our members. Email me at

Board Member 4


Transportation Director

Bio: School bus driver for Special needs. I recently joined the board of Ask-Esp as Transportation Director, as my goal was to take a more active role in our union. I still like baking, if you catch me on a Friday I may have a treat for you. You can email me at

Board Member 5



Bio: I have been with the district 18 years. I have been a driver of students with special needs. These students have been my Superhero's!! They are the reason I am here today!!I have been recently awarded a position to the ASK-ESP as Secretary, an officer positon. I am looking forward to serving in this new role. I am an artist in my down time and love drawing your loved ones or pets!! My favorite times are with my family! You can email me at at

Board Member 6


Director at Large II

Bio: I currently serve as a Security specialist at Houck MS. and recently elected as your Director at large 2. I have extensive background in Asset Protection, Operations & Investigations. I currently hold a certification in Wicklander and Zulawski investigative interviewing. I also enjoyed my summers as a Oregon Parks Night Enforcement Ranger. I have approximately 14 years experience as a project manager in Bio-recovery, Disease Control and Abatement. I also had the privilege of serving my community as a Firefighter-EMT and Emergency Response Chaplain for over 10 years. I currently hold several certifications with FEMA - ICS: 100, 200, 300 and 400 and a Bachelor's degree in emergency management and a minor in Phycology. I had the honor to be a part of the Ford Leadership school for rural development in Stayton Oregon. In summary, I have a unique skill set and can offer a wide and varied experience to my organization. At the end of the day, I believe that a place of employment should be more than a "job"; it should be a calling. You can email me at