The ASK ESP Union represents approximately 2,800 educators within Salem-Keizer Public Schools.

Promoting excellence in education and student achievement.

Advocating for the rights of education support professionals.

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Fill out an application online and become a member of Association of Salem Keizer Education Support Professionals (ASK ESP).

Your Contract

As a union, ASK ESP bargains your contract with the Salem Keizer School District. You can review and download it HERE.

New Employees Should Especially Check Out:

  • Breaks and lunch periods (Article 7)
  • Compensation (Article 8) and
  • Hourly Salary Schedules (Appendices)
  • Out of class pay (Article 14.B)
  • Leaves (Articles 10-11) and
  • Vacation (Article 9)

Together We're Working For

  • Socioeconomic Justice & Equity
  • Solidarity and Unity
  • Job Security
  • Opportunities for Professional Growth
  • A Safe Workplace and a Healthy Work Environment

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If you believe in these things too, join us today! The larger our membership and the more engaged our members, the stronger we'll be.

Employee Assistance Program

As part of our union-negotiated health benefits package, we offer a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP provides a range of services that are either free or available at a low cost. These services include crisis help lines, counseling, webinars on topics like resilience and coping with stress, legal services, mediation services, and identity theft services.

For more information or to access these services, call 866-750-1327 or visit www.myrbh.com. Use the Access Code: OEBB after selecting 'Members' from the top right corner.

Questions about Benefits

For detailed questions about your health insurance, sick leave, leaves of absence, or other benefits, you can contact SKSD at 503-399-5556.

About Dues

What does it cost to join ASK ESP? Dues are on a sliding scale, depending on your FTE and salary. Dues are only collected 9 months of the year (October – June) through payroll deduction.

What Do Dues Pay For?

Over 60% of our dues go to programs and services that support locals: bargaining, advocacy, research, litigation, staff assigned to support our local, and member training. The rest go to governance, equipment, office space and supplies, technology, accounting, legal services, and administration.

  • Annual Salary FTE (percentage of 40 hrs) Dues (Oct-Jun)
  • $65,259 or more 51% - 100% $66.39
  • $32,630 - $65,258 51% - 100% $49.39
  • $16,315 - $32,629 51% - 100% $43.89
  • $16,315 - $32,629 50% or less $33.89
  • $8,157 - $16,314 50% or less $23.89